Being Environmentally Friendly In A Business Environment

Being energy efficient and environmentally friendly within a business may seem like a big hill to climb. It is all well and good making small changes in your home like switching lights off, collecting rainwater and using solar panels, a business environment or office is a completely different thing. But yet, so many of us are taking this concern to heart and wanting to ensure that we do all we can to reduce our carbon footprint. So I thought it would be a good time to share with you some of the ways you can be environmentally friendly in a business environment.

bulb light

Encourage staff to follow the same procedures and beliefs

If you find that you have strong passions to be environmentally friendly, then make sure that your processes are being adhered to by staff working for you. This means that you are encouraging them to switch off lights when not using offices or when leaving for the day. It’s about making sure that you switch off electronics when you leave for the day. The small things can make a big difference in an office environment, especially as there are lots of lights and electronics being used in a business environment.

Recycle old electronic items

There are things that you can actively do to ensure that you make your office and business environment more environmentally friendly, and one thing you can be doing is recycling your old electronic items. Often these items can be put in cupboards or stored in drawers, and they are not doing too good for the environment. This is when companies like DRM Electronics Recycling could really help you out. This could also come in handy if you wanted to replace items you are currently using with more energy efficient models, which could also save you in energy bills.

Light your office with LED’s or energy saving bulbs

Offices and business premises needs lighting, and often these can be very standard fittings and bulbs. Instead, you could invest in LEDs or energy saving bulbs to ensure that you only use the energy that is required to light that room, rather than wasting unnecessary energy. This could also save you some money on your energy bills, so the investment could always be repaid that way.

Power the office with alternative energy sources

There are other ways or using energy, and solar panels can just as easily be installed into a business premises as it is in a home. Solar energy is extremely environmentally friendly and could work really well in your office or business environment.

Don’t drive to work

Finally, driving to work or having multiple drivers to the same destination is increasing your overall carbon footprint, so instead why not arrange carpools to your office or provide incentives to use public transport instead? It could be a great company initiative to promote and another way of saving on the energy and fuel that is being used each day.

I hope that these tips help you become environmentally friendly in your business environment.

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