A Pair of Hello Kitty Slippers

Bella can be very impulsive at times especially if she saw something that she really likes. Just like when she saw this pair of Hello Kitty Slippers while doing our grocery shopping at SM one evening.

The pair of Hello Kitty slippers was a little bigger for her that time but she doesn’t mind it at all. The little girl was so delighted when Tatay finally paid for it at the counter.  It is a bit pricey for a slipper but we didn’t care as long as we can make this little girl happy. I think that’s what most parents are – finding pleasure in making  their little ones happy at all cost. The smiles that we see from our kids are priceless right?

And due to her excitement, she immediately put her new slippers on and didn’t even wait for us to get home.  Go girl! 😉

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