9 Ways To Get The Highest Price Possible For Your Home

housesWhether you wanted to sell your home, or just want to freshen it up a bit, it always makes sense to add value to your home. While most homes increase in value over time, yours could increase even more, if you just put the time, work, and money in. There are a lot of ways to increase the resale value of your home and get the highest possible price, from small to large, and from simple to complicated. Here are some of the most popular and most common ways that people use to increase the resale of their home.

  1. New Front Door

While your front door won’t necessarily increase the value of your home, it certainly has the power to decrease it, so it makes sense to replace it if necessary. If your front door is dirty, chipped, or broken then you may have potential buyers using this as an excuse to offer less money. Since your front door is one of the first things that people see when they arrive at your home, they may be put off completely, as they may see it as a reflection of the rest of your home.

  1. Build Garage

If you don’t already have a garage attached to your home, then now may be the time to start thinking about having one built. You should never underestimate the power of storage space, so even if you or your potential buyers don’t have a car, or wouldn’t want to store a car in a garage, you can still use your garage to store things like your Christmas decorations, gym equipment, or your tools. You may be able to save some money by sourcing your own materials, from websites like tip top garage doors, rather than having your builder source them.


  1. Convert Your Garage

If you already have a garage and feel as though your home already has a decent amount of storage space, then you may want to consider converting it into another room. This could be anything from another living room to a bedroom, to a games room, or even a gym. This extra room is sure to add a lot of value to your home and may get the attention of larger families, who want to buy a home of their own.

  1. Convert Your Basement/Loft

Converting your basement or loft may not be cheap, but like converting your garage, it has a lot of benefits. In fact, you can increase the value of your home by eleven percent or more, just by adding in an extra bedroom. You will need to apply for planning permission, and get in some professional builders, but by the time the work is done, your home will be greatly improved for both you and any future owners of your property.

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  1. Decorate Your Home

Like with your front door, decorating your home is unlikely to increase the value of your home by much, if anything, but if you want to get the best possible price for your home, then you need your home looking it’s best. If you intend to sell your home and have brightly colored walls, you may want to repaint or paper your walls to a neutral tone, to avoid deterring any potential buyers. You may even want to replace your flooring or carpeting if it’s starting to look a little shabby.

  1. Install New Windows

Double glazed uPVC windows can add a lot of value to your home; In fact, some buyers won’t even consider purchasing a home unless they have them installed. There are many reasons for this, the biggest being the amount of money that you can save on energy bills. As glass is a good conductor, heat can travel through it easily, and be transferred to the cold air outside. This means that you use a lot of energy keeping your home warm. Double glazing, on the other hand, has a layer of air between the panes of glass, so that the heat can’t be conducted as easily. For this reason, it would be highly beneficial for you, as well as future buyers, to have uPVC double glazing installed.

  1. Add A Conservatory

Conservatories are very attractive to potential buyers, especially those that like to spend their time close to nature. What even better is the fact that conservatories are relatively cheap to buy, often don’t require planning permission, and can add up to and over seven percent onto the value of your home. However, unless your conservatory is constructed well, and feels as though it is a part of the entire house, instead of just being added on a whim, it also has the potential to decrease the value of your home, so be sure you consult trusted professionals.


  1. Add Mirrors

This may seem like an absurd concept, but it actually makes a lot of sense if you think about it. Mirrors can make a room look and feel a lot bigger than it actually is, as long as they’re placed correctly, which will not only help out on pictures of the property but will also make your home look bigger during visits. Of course, this won’t trick a tape measure but might stop any potential buyers being completely put off by a smaller room and offering much lower than the asking price.

  1. Repair Structural Problems

While cosmetic issues might be okay with some buyers, there will only be a small number that would be willing to purchase a property will structural problems, all of which would offer a lot less than you would want to sell your property for. To avoid hurting the resale value of your home, and to ensure your home is safe for you to live in in the meantime, you should get these problems repaired.

No one wants to let their home go for much less than the asking price, so consider making some of these changes to ensure that you get the highest price possible for your home. Even if you didn’t intend to sell your home just yet, these would still improve your home for you now, and then they will already be completed if you did want to sell your home in the future.

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