4 Steps To Take After A Car Accident

No matter how careful you are, driving is dangerous and there’s always the chance that you could get into an accident. It’s always important to take steps to keep your family safe in the car but you can’t control what other drivers are doing and accidents can happen regardless of how safely you’re driving. It’s a very scary situation to be in and it can get very chaotic during the aftermath of a crash but if you don’t take the right steps in the moments afterwards, you could land yourself in more trouble down the line. If the worst does happen, these are the steps you should take.

broken car

Stop The Car

It sounds obvious and in most cases, you’ll come to a stop anyway. But people often try to drive off in small crashes. Even if you just scrape up against somebody, you need to stop. If you don’t you could find yourself in legal trouble. Come to a stop safely right away and get out of the car. Always switch your hazard lights on as well to make sure that other drivers can see you at the side of the road.

Check For Injuries

This is important for two reasons; obviously, you need to make sure that everybody is ok and that they don’t need immediate medical attention. The second reason is that you need a good record of the impact of the crash. If you’re going to contact an accident injury lawyer and make a claim, you need good information about both parties. Check what injuries everybody has and try to make a note of it if you can, it’ll come in handy when you’re making your claim later on.

Call The Emergency Services

Once you’ve stopped the car and checked that everybody is ok, you need to call the emergency services. The police need to be aware of the crash even if you both agree that neither of you was at fault and it was a complete accident. You don’t need to alert them immediately but it should be within 24 hours. If you think that the other driver is at fault or that they’re driving while drunk, or if they drive away, call the police right away. It’s also worth calling the ambulance, even if nobody has any serious visible injuries. It’s also worth getting everybody checked over just to be safe, especially if you’ve got the kids in the car with you.

Record The Rest Of The Details

If you’re going to make a claim you need to have as many details about the crash and both cars involved in it. Write down the make, model, and number plate of the other car. If you don’t know the exact details the number plate is the main one. Then you should note down the date and the rough time of the crash, it’ll be helpful if there are any CCTV cameras in the area that might have caught what happened. Look at both cars and write down specifics about the damage to each vehicle, that’ll stop people from trying to claim for damage that wasn’t sustained during the crash. If you’ve got a phone on you, get some photos for good measure.

If you take these 4 steps in the moments right after a crash, you can reduce the impact.

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